Stevens Mountainbike 7.1Primus Himalaya MultiFuel stove
       Boreal Shoes Aaran andClimbingshoes Ninja
Tent  VAUDE Space 2

  VAUDE Sleeping Bag Polar Professional

Markill Waterbottles
Waterproof Bags
3-ply Gore Tex Jacket and Pants
Katadyn Waterfilter

Special thanks to:

Spersa - Jesus Perez, Ricardo Reyes, Stevens Bikes, Calzados Boreal SL, Primus - Annika, VAUDE - Tina, Radpavillon MN, my parents Pit and Moni, my whole family - Klaus, Roiser, Heim, Wissmiller, T.Cilly, Lotze and Franieck's Brazil ...

Auberge de Jeunesse Anzin, Tara Centre in Etwall, John Bachar and Val, Steve West, Jay Decker, Dave Strobel, City Zen Center SF, EPS Dentallabor, Carl & Betty Moore, Michelle Nobert, Jose Zamora Lizarrga for the Palapa, Sandro, Thomas Harry, Marco Avalos Dittel, Dr. Oscar Ovidio, Radio Progresso, Albano Bernasconi, William Flores, Santiago Lara, Jerome and Marcelino, HG How Hay, Marlis Hauss, Chines, Acid Tattoo - Gaby and Vana, Eca, Henry&Maria Tschinkel, Herren Hirschholz, Jörg Albrecht, Marcio, Luciano and all climbing friends, Monika Schöner, Rocío Tolstoy and Carlos Cuneo, Laura Melendez & friends, Bernardo Jimenez, Chelo & papa, Yuyi, Andre, Ana

Krätschmer, Townley, Abolnik, Foo and Bywater, Nicholson, Berntsen, Bizier, Luis+Cuca Diaz, Jean & Pam Peedan, Bernd Schaefer, Schoendube, Monge, Kürzel, Portillo, Molina, Augusto Bertinetti, Barrera, Cabrera, Eliz. Campana, David & Elaine Smith, Silvia Espinoza, López, Miguel Obando, Rodríguez, Portillo, Miguel Obando, Montoya Garay, Décio Baron, Zully Taborda, Silvia Monti and all from the fam. Nieto, Migotti

and especially the

 "Casas de Ciclista":
Fam. Luis Medrano - Quito - Ecuador, Fam. Lucho Cueva Rosillo - Loja - Ecuador, Fam. Javier Perez - Chiclayo - Perú, Fam. Lucho Ramirez - Trujillo - Peru, Arturo "Oso" Báez - Cusco - Perú, Eric & Kelo Savard - Los Andes - Chile
and just all the nice people that helped me and I did not mention ...


Stevens Mountainbike 7.1.2.

So far, my steel-donkey made our way pretty well through half the world and I was lucky having only few things to fix. And the tracks I was riding on were not trying to keep my baby in shape. But the frame's elasticity works like shocks and just eats away all the bumps. My kickstand was ways to tight, so it squeezed a frame-tube and the leverage did the rest to break it. Amazing was, that as I didn't realize it for days and continued racing down on heavy gravel roads on one single tube - it sustained!! What a frame. Good thing that steel is easy to weld everywhere.
Till now, for 25.000 kilometers, I had only a handful of spokes broken, replaced the freehub and a few wear parts. One thing is, that the bike just looks too nice and people all over the world seem to like asking about the price.

Ask yourself:


Primus Himalaya MultiFuel stove

My kitchen's heart is a roaming stove from Sweden - one part of my equipment that makes my trip payable at all, as together with the Primus stainless steel pots (aluminum is crap) I carry my independence from restaurants on bicycle. I am using the stove now for more than 2 years and had to use one spare part to replace - the leather gasket of the pump was broken. It is unique because it's burning EVERYTHING (liquid fuels AND bottled butane/propane)
Every now and then I camped with other travelers, sitting in front of their MSR or other brands, facing a cold bowl. I don't want to struggle with coughing bad burning appliances, dripping gasoline hoses (disconnect a MSR pump and you'll see and smell) or braised plastic pumps. It's all made from metal and I could reproduce the parts everywhere. For windy conditions you need to have the wind screen.



Boreal Shoes Aaran  and  Climbingshoes Ninja

Mostly I was lucky having warm and sunny conditions to ride in my sandals - for wet days and battling harsh winter conditions I am well equipped with the Aaran from Boreal. This light trekking shoe with its Sympatex Dry sock is not only perfect for cycling - as well to explore the surroundings in all conditions. And there are truckloads of hikes you need to do on earth - just thinking of Machu Picchu...
I want to climb around the world as wells so I carry a pair of Ninjas in my bag. This slipper is very light, sensible, comfortable and so it is the best choice for my trip. So far I climbed routes in Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.



Tent VAUDE Space 2 

For more than 10 years I used the legendary Space 1 from the company VAUDE as the quality standards of their products had always convinced me. Unfortunately I had stored it close to a laundry machine in San Jose for over a month, what caused its composting. Time for a new home - and so I am now travelling with the new version - the Space 2 - which offers a second apses where I can store more stuff. What an evolution in comparison with it's predecessor - a hotel room can't be better. So I am again safe from pouring rain (cats and dogs), blood sucking mosquitoes and got a nice private room with me.

VAUDE Sleeping Bag

The Polar Professional is my bed that let me sleep cuddly, warm and comfortable even in coldest conditions. It's made from 90/10 white goose down and will keep me alive even at 36º below (Celsius - not Fahrenheit). And the Altiplano with it's 20º below was not like Rio's beaches. Well, it's quite heavy with 1.9 kilos but worth it. The bag was already tested on Everest and you never know - maybe they'll build a road up there till I arrive.....